Padtan Elm, located in Tehran (Iran), was founded in 1995 by a group of scientists who have been actively involved in the field of laboratory science since 1970. Since its inception, the company has dedicated itself to the production of extremely reliable in vitro diagnostic products with an excellent track record in performance, reproducibility and sensitivity. 

Padtan Elm products can be used with confidence in diagnosis and monitoring across a variety of domains including, fertility and production, thyroid issues, infectious disorders, cancer and screening of metabolic disorders for neonates. Padtan Elm products are designed for manual use as well as for application on open automated system. The high quality system is certified according to ISO13485:2012+AC:2012 by QS (Switzerland) and ISO 9001:2015. We will remain committed in our efforts to deliver quality and we continue to use our resources to develop new, innovative products that aid healthcare professionals in the treatment of human disease.

Padtan Elm professional team takes care that all customers receive the information they have requested within 24 hours. Our technical support team is committed to providing the correct and reliable response to all our customers’ technical inquiries to meet their needs. Our Customer Service Team has full knowledge about our product characteristics and market operating rules, therefore our customers may expect to receive superior products, excellent service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Our mission is to enhance health in communities worldwide by supplying laboratory diagnostics which are innovative, simple to use, cost effective and vital for human care.

Padtan Elm continuous success is based on the fact that as a company, it consistently achieves standards of excellence in the quality of all it does. Having the advantage of experience and knowledge in research, development and marketing field, Padtan Elm with great efforts is going to represent more diagnostic kits in a wider range.


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