Padtan Elm. with more than 20 years experience in the development and manufacturing of  In vitro diagnostics products , highly expert manufacturing staff and trained technical support R&D team can provide a variety of high quality services including:

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OEM Contract Manufacturing

As leading developers of high quality immunoassay in Iran,Padtan Elm offers custom IVD assay development from R&D phase to validation and production. Your company can enhance the efficiency of cost and manufacturing. It also reduces production time.


Antibody Purification

Padtan Elm has the expertise, experience and enabling technologies for purification (protein A/G affinity purification, IgG purification by HPLC/FPLC) of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.


Antibody/Protein Conjugation

Padtan Elm uses proprietary methods to prepare ready-made antibody-HRP conjugations which are stable for more than two years. We also provide on-demand conjugation for research needs (Alkaline phosphatase, Bovin and human serum albumin and Biotin).


Microplate Coating

Padtan Elm offers its vast expertise in microplate coating with antibody and antigen for EIA applications. We can assist in the selection and qualification of the right coating surfaces and raw materials. Advantages include expert quality control technical support and flexible batch size. The stability of our excellent reproducibility coated plates (CV<3%) is more than 2 years.


Solution Lyophilization

Padtan Elm provides professional expertise developing and optimizing lyophilization processes for saline based and protein containing solution; either bulk or vialed.Our lyophilization services capabilities are formulation,cycle development and Computer controlled programmable lyophilization for record-keeping.